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Matsuura is an innovator in the development of high speed machining and the manufacturing of automated, unmanned high accuracy CNC machine tools. Matsuura’s high-accuracy machining equipment, including multi-pallet and multi-tasking machine tools provides manufacturing solutions to a wide range of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA provides full 5-axis, vertical and horizontal CNC machine tools and has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology for the manufacturing industry since 1935. From high speed machining to full five-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor or multi-tasking CNC machine tools, Matsuura has always delivered unparalleled technological excellence and innovation to its customers.


Product Lines

Machining Centers


MX Series

The Matsuura MX Series guarantees high rigidity, a generous machining envelope and provides excellent operability by allowing rapid set-up and processing of complex parts. The MX Series offers an assortment of configurations, which are ideal for all applications, all industries and all materials. Matsuura has the only high-quality entry level 5-axis machines on the market with OEM automation solutions integrated from the outset. The Matsuura MX Series—high-quality, 5-Axis at an investment level that will surprise you.


MAM72 Series

The Matsuura MAM72 Series delivers long periods of unmanned, high precision  productivity, and provides versatility in the machining of very small to very large components. Enhancing cost-savings and providing better positioning, the MAM72 Series provides pallet and productivity solutions to keep your work center efficiently producing components around the clock.



The Matsuura CUBLEX Series offers the ultimate level of process integration from milling, turning and grinding on one machine. The CUBLEX series enables high precision machining in unmanned operation, while providing cost reduction and one-chucking operation and eliminating errors from multiple setups. The new possibility of “production” begins with the CUBLEX series.


H.Plus Series

The Matsuura H.Plus Series provides high speed, high rigidity and high precision offering maximum versatility and productivity. The H.Plus Series are highly productive machine tools offering powerful support for unmanned operation and flexible manufacturing systems. Delivering long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy, and exceptionally efficient production, the H.Plus series offers a multitude of pallet, spindle and ATC configurations, tailored to your process and workload.


VX Series

The Matsuura VX Series includes technologically advanced vertical machining centers available at an investment cost contradicting their quality, versatility and heritage from the world’s first pioneer of true vertical CNC machining centers. The VX Series are robust, high-value, high-performance vertical machining centers delivering exceptional quality and performance, and having the latest, state-of-the-art technology, unsurpassed in accuracy, speed and rigidity. The VX machines are fully equipped, combining features which have previously been options, and ready for your demanding and arduous machining center environment.


V.Plus Series

The Matsuura V.Plus Series integrates a compact and user-friendly design, built with a rigid construction that ensures all applications – no matter how arduous the machining environment, nor how difficult the job. The V.Plus Series is cost effective and highly reliable, assuring years of high speed, high accuracy and highly reliable service and operation.

Linear Motors


Linear Series

The Matsuura Linear Motor Series delivers high-speed and high-precision with fast and accurate linear motors in all axes. The Linear Motor Series achieves the ultimate in high-accuracy production. Dedicated to the high-accuracy and ultra-precision machining markets, the Linear Motor Series are extremely compact, accurate and truly unique machines in the industry.

Hybrid Machines


Lumex Series

The LUMEX Series consists of Matsuura’s time-proven machining center combined with a metal laser sintering function. With Matsuura’s  LUMEX freedom of design, make the impossible, possible.





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