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Kevin McCarthy’s 40th Anniversary at Syracuse Supply!

Kevin McCarthy (far left) “way back when”        

Following the first day of IMTS 2018, there was a surprise party set to take place on the roof top of the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in downtown Chicago.

The occasion — to celebrate Kevin McCarthy’s 40 years with Syracuse Supply! What a surprise it was. Kevin genuinely had no indication that colleagues, friends, and clients were awaiting him at the top of the stairs to celebrate his amazing feat with him. It truly was a wonderful night filled with lots of smiles, laughs, stories of years past, {short} jokes, and admiration.

From the entire Syracuse Supply staff; Kevin, we thank you tremendously for your 40 years of service, your dedication to the company, and the passion you always have and still continue to put forth each and every day. Here’s to many more great years Kevin!