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30 Years of Machine Tool Excellence.

Since their inception in 1982, family-owned Fryer Machine Systems has based its operation on three core principles: build a quality product, price it fairly and provide exceptional service. This philosophy has allowed Fryer’s business to grow even in challenging times. Fryer manufactures a diverse line of over 50 models of high quality machine tools in their Patterson, NY USA facility. Over the years Fryer has become well-respected for our quality, innovation and know how.

In addition to their standard line, Fryer produces customized machines for a number of major companies in the aerospace and automotive markets. Fryer is fortunate to have a dedicated worldwide network of distributors providing sales, service and application support. All distributors are factory trained on both mechanical and electrical systems to provide exceptional service.


Product Lines

Custom Machines

Fryer custom machines are designed for a customer’s unique task or group of tasks and cost effectiveness.  They use their standard frames as building blocks for these custom solutions.  In this way, they build machines for significantly less money that gives the customer exceptional productivity over a general purpose machine tool.  Their engineering expertise allows them to provide the customer with a complete turnkey solution. Fryer has significant experience with milling, drilling, laser, process automation and custom fixtures.

CNC Control

Fryer’s Touch 2200 provides world class technology and advanced features not available in other controls, proving that easy-to-use does not have to mean compromising on functionality.

Toolroom Mills

MB-Q Series
MD-R Series
CM Series

Toolroom Lathes

Easy Turn Series
Large Capacity Easy Turn Series
XL Turning Easy Turn Series
VT Series





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