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QualiChem offers advanced product technologies covering a wide range of metalworking applications including: cutting and grinding fluids, metal cleaners, corrosion preventatives, and metal forming fluids. In addition to high quality manufacturing, QualiChem provides complete technical, sales, and laboratory support for all of their metalworking fluids.

QualiChem has the highest performing cutting and grinding fluids on the market today, which has fueled their rapid growth. By applying the latest advances in additive technology and looking beyond those typically used in metalworking formulations, QualiChem’s team of chemists has developed breakthrough technology that is defining the next generation of metalworking fluids.

QualiChem’s comprehensive lines of synthetic and semi-synthetic products provide cooling and lubrication levels to excel in virtually any cutting and grinding application. Cutting performance is achieved without the common problems of foam, sticky residues and dermatitis.


Product Line

Water Dilutable Cutting & Grinding Fluids

  • XTREME COOL – Premium Solution Synthetics
  • XTREME CUT – Premium Semi-Synthetics
  • XTREME GRIND – Premium Grinding Synthetics
  • EQO-PURE – Vegetable Derived Microemulsions
  • Q-COOL – Economical Synthetics
  • Q-CUT – Economical Semi-Synthetics
  • Q-SOL – Soluble Oils
  • CARB GRIND – Carbide Grinding Synthetics
  • Q-MAG – Magnesium Machining Fluids

Straight Oils

  • XTREME CUT – Premium Straight Oils
  • XTREME DRILL – Premium Gun Drilling Oils
  • MET-CUT – Straight Oils
  • MET-DRILL – Gun Drilling Oils
  • MET-GRIND – Grinding Oils
  • Q-BROACH – Broaching Oils
  • Q-HONE – Honing Oils
  • EQO-MAX – Premium Synthetic Straight Oils
  • EQO-GRIND – Premium Synthetic Grinding Oils
  • Q-LAP – Lapping Oils
  • Q-MIST – Spray Mist Lubricants

Metal Cleaners

  • MET-KLEEN – Alkaline (Spray, Soak Tank, Emulsion) Cleaners
  • Q-KLEEN – Acid Cleaners
  • ULTRA SOLV – Solvent Cleaners
  • Bio SOLV – Environmentally Friendly Solvent Cleaners

Corrosion Preventatives

  • Q-SHIELD (Solvent Based)
  • Q-KOAT (Oil Based)
  • Q-GUARD (Water Based)

Metal Forming Fluids

  • AQUA FORM (Water Based)
  • MET-FORM (Oil Based)
  • SYN-FORM (Synthetic Based)
  • Q-TUBE (Tube Mill Fluids)

Metalworking Additives & Specialty Fluids

  • Antifoam & De-foam Agents
  • Biocides/Fungicides
  • Corrosion Protection Additives
  • De-Scaling Agents
  • Floor & Maintenance Cleaners
  • pH Adjusters
  • Lubricity Enhancers
  • Water Softening






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